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Education and Entrepreneurship: Getting things done, better

In the last years, we talk more about entrepreneurship and the significant need to see more people getting involved with this. But what about education for entrepreneurship?

Everyone has the right to create their business in any sector they prefer. On the other hand, education is a very important initial step in order to “get things done”. The learning goals are different and unique, for each one of us. However, there are components for these learning goals, which are the following:

1) Entrepreneurial Performance (EP);

2) Motivation (M);

3) Entrepreneurial Skills (ES);

4) Business Skills (BS).

According to many researches, the Entrepreneurial Performance (EP) can be increased by learning, which sets the foundations for the other components (M, ES, BS).

The components mentioned above, can be implemented through education programs and education websites, about entrepreneurship. Here are some of them available worldwide:

“Entrepreneurship School” ( Learning can be processed without the traditional structure “professor – student”. Real entrepreneurs teach motivated people.

“Global School for Entrepreneurship” ( Offering teaching for entrepreneurship in small groups and students who want to be entrepreneurs, providing real entrepreneurs for this purpose. There is also an in-house incubator.

In Europe, European Commission has an important role to play. Several projects have been supported and have a huge impact in entrepreneurship education.

More specifically, the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” aims to both new and established entrepreneurs. The basic goals of this program are to reinforce and motivate new entrepreneurs, the cooperation between countries and persons, and helping people and businesses to go international and be connected through networking.

In addition, the European Commission supports entrepreneurship education, by funding programs, organizing workshops, releasing studies, researches etc.

In conclusion, the decision of being educated for entrepreneurship is up to each one's believes. Whether someone think that this might be a benefit or a delay in their career, no one can deny the fact, that through education a better person or idea or business arises.


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